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Important! China Customs’ New Rule Has Come into Effect

China Customs has undergone major reforms. After the inspection and quarantine department was merged into China Customs and the electronic port IC card was upgraded to the U shield, the Registration Certificate of Customs Declaration was also canceled on February 1st, 2019.

Below is the announcement

– Announcement No. 14 of 2019 

The announcement on the Registration Certificate of Customs Declaration(shipper and consignee of Import and Export Goods) to be included in the “Multi-Certificate Integration” Reform.

In order to further optimize the business environment, according to the Opinions of the 13 departments of the State Administration for Industry and Commerce on promoting the reform of the national unified “Multi-certification Integration”, the Registration Certificate for Customs Declaration is included in the “Multi-certification Integration” reform-related issues as follows:

When applying for industrial and commercial registration, the applicant is required to simultaneously apply for the Registration Certificate of Customs Declaration, shall check the registration of the consignee and shipper of the import and export goods as required, and fill in relevant information.

Now the Market Supervision Department has completed the registration in accordance with the “Multi-certification Integration” process and completed the data exchange with China Customs at the level of the General Administration. China Customs confirms that the company registration is completed after receiving the company‘s business registration information from Market Supervision Department, and the company does not need to go to the customs to go through the registration formalities.

Companies can check the registration of shipper and consignee via China International Trade Single Window or Internet + Customs



Since the date of implementation of this announcement, China Customs will no longer issue the Registration Certificate for Customs Declaration. If the importer and exporter need to obtain written registration information, they can print the registration and receipt of the registration through the “Single Window” and stamp the customs seal at the local customs.

After the implementation of the “Multi-certification Integration” reform, if the company does not select the “Multi-certification Integration” method to submit the application, it can still submit the application for registration of the import and export goods through the “Single Window” or “Internet + Customs”. The relevant business is handled in accordance with the Notice of the General Administration of Customs No. 143 of 2018.

For specific business problems involving in the registration of import and export goods, the company can consult China Customs 12360 hotline or the local customs. This announcement has been taken effect since February 1, 2019.

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