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Company Boss Required for Real-name Registration!

Guangzhou Government requires all boss (it means legal representative) of the local company to complete information registration, so that company will have a long-term effective qualification to do the administrative approval in government, just like company annual inspection.


So Company Real-name Registration System is coming.

What must the company do? From today to December 31, 2016, all legal representatives of local companies registration are required to complete the registration at the relevant government department in person.

What information is required to register?

Registration information includes:
name, passport / ID, telephone number and face, etc.

What are the advantages after registration?

Real-name Registration System is effective to protect the interest of every company, such as avoiding the criminal invoicing by other identity or another malicious streak in every company.


What is the impact without registration?

If the registration could not be done on time, the company cannot operate normally.

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